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Available Now | Lace Tree by Kerry Darlington

We are thrilled to have just received the latest unique limited edition from Artist of the Year 2012 & 2014, KERRY DARLINGTON. Already of very limited availability, Gallery Rouge is proud to offer this sought after edition for sale. Available for immediate shipment, please enquire to confirm your purchase.

Country Retreat
Escape with Allan Morgan and Harry Brioche


Seychelles born painter Harry Brioche likens his approach to 'lighting up the landscape' and this wonderful concept is born in works which have a stunning fluidity to them. 

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Hailing from the Hereford borders, Allan's works are vibrant and atmospheric. His latest collection of original landscape paintings have been incredibly well received. .

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Masters : Past & Future
16th-24th May

Entering its fifth year at Gallery Rouge, the seminal 'Modern Masters' series of exhibitions returns with the opportunity to experience and acquire world class post war works from the 20th Century and beyond.    
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Artist Attendance
Coming Soon

Gallery Rouge St. Albans is delighted to announce the forthcoming attendance of contemporary artist LHOUETTE. Using his pioneering visual language which elegantly fuses street art with pop iconography, Lhouette will assemble an arsenal of especially commission works for the exhibition RETRO 100.  Exploring the development of the silver screen, acoustic and digital music as well as iconic faces and fashion brands, the works will re-imagine every decade in the 20th Century.
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