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Just Arrived | New Chris Chapman Paintings!

Appropriating famous masterpieces and adding a comical twist, Chris Chapman takes on L.S. Lowry, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet and many more!  Scarce and desirable, Gallery Rouge is delighted to offer some new original paintings from the artist. 

City Slicking 
Don't miss Rayford and Ed Waite


With a whimsical and quirky perspective, Rayford injects the fun factor into his pieces. Inspiration is drawn from the eclectic mix of architecture around us, balancing the old with the new.  

By excluding people from his paintings, they are brought to life by the personality and character inherent within our everyday surroundings.

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A young up-and-coming  artist, Ed Waite has been creating waves with his minimalist yet striking vistas. Also employing a drip painting technique, lines are more pronounced and distinct. Often using dominant colours as his backdrop, he has garnered a loyal following for his crisp and contemporary approach.

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Kevin Bandee

Gallery Rouge is pleased to anounce their representation of Kevin Bandee; magnetic swirling colour is the home of the sensational three-dimensional butterflies which adorn this new collection.  
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David Renshaw

David Renshaw returns with an electric new collection of creations from the remarkable Northern Romance collection.  Always closely followed by collectors, the new works are sure to sell fast.
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Simon Wright

The animal kingdom emerges from the geometric blocks of paint carefully applied by innovative artist Simon Wright. The new collection witnesses stags, penguins and chimps highlighted.
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