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Around the World and Back Again 
Destination Inspiration  

With the new year in full swing attention turns to travel plans and holiday destinations for the year ahead. Take inspiration from the global wanderings of talented artist Nigel Cooke, whose original paintings will excite and hearten until the vacation and well beyond.

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Depicting architecture from across the globe, Rachel Tighe deconstructs the most recognisable iconography, re-assembling on canvas with confidence and flair.  If you think you know these cities, look again a little closer and you'll see something new.....

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Getting married in 2015?
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 Involve your loved ones in helping you acquire a painting to remember your special day by; a unique present in which everyone can be included and will be cherished by your family for decades to come.
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Original Paintings by
Kerry Darlington

  Illustrious and intoxicating, the original abstracts created by Kerry Darlington are sought after and rare.  Explore the new collection available exclusively at Gallery Rouge now - available for shipping worldwide.

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