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Kerry Darlington Announcement
2015 Unique Editions Unveiled 

'Midnight Gold' has arrived!  Now available for immediate purchase from both the St. Albans and Harpenden galleries. Ideal for those looking for a piece to go with previous edition 'Tree of Life - Gold'.

'Little Red Riding Hood' is the latest in a stunning collection of Darlington's re-interpretations of folk stories which have passed into legend. Due for arrival in gallery this Spring, pre-order early as this exceptional work will sell fast.

Figuratively Speaking
Charlotte Greene

Greene acknowledges the complex and multi-faceted role of the contemporary woman; her heroines possess style as well as substance reflecting the hope to be intelligent, desirable, maternal and successful.

Talantbek Chekirov

Born in 1971 in the former Soviet Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Talantbek Chekirov;s works are extracts of his rich and broadly situated ideas concerned the ideal notion of beauty infused with his knowledge of anatomy, graphics and composition.