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David Renshaw in Exhibition and Attendance!
Saturday 20th September 4-7pm

Demand is already high - pre-register your interest to attend by emailing 
Exclusive David Renshaw Film - In the Studio

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Increasing Values for Stan Lee Signed artwork

As the co-creator of iconic Marvel Comic book characters, Stan Lee led the development of the organisation from the front. With ever growing interest in Marvel films, we have experienced rising prices for what remains of this exceptional collection of personally signed artwork.

Rachel Tighe - Urban Landscapes


Hip, vibrant, funky - however you describe Rachels' work, one thing you can't ignore is the sheer talent of this young artist. New works have arrived, including a series of desirable mini paintings.

See the new works

Gallery Rouge is offering special promotional prices on the collectable paper and boxed canvas limited editions of contemporary star artist Stuart McAlpine Miller.  Finding promenance through commissioned works for The Savoy Hotel, the time to purchase is right now!

Autumn Arrives!
Sergey Cherep

Arriving from California via St. Petersburg are the irresistible oil works of Sergey Cherep. A perfect balance of animated brushwork and primary colour, the artist has introduced softness through use of subtle purple accents to temper his blazing landscapes.  Visit our Harpenden gallery to view the new original works!