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Lhouette Live Street Art Performance


 Rising 'pop art' sensation Lhouette, whose contemporary urban artworks are being snapped up by notable collectors throughout the UK, undertook a unique live art creation in the centre of St Albans City on Friday June 12th, from 10am to 5pm. With full public access and visibility, this was a fantastic opportunity for the audience to view first hand an artist in full flow.

Butterfly Daze 
New from Kevin Bandee


Magnetic swirling colour is the home of the sensational three-dimensional butterflies which adorn this new collection from Kevin Bandee.
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Gallery Rouge St. Albans is delighted to host an exhibition with contemporary artist LHOUETTE. Using his pioneering visual language which elegantly fuses street art with pop iconography, Lhouette has assembled an arsenal of especially commissioned works for the exhibition RETRO 100. 
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'In Vogue' Editions Now Here!

Rohlfs has cultivated an impactful and seductive fusion of graphic art, high fashion and photo-realistic painting. Drawing especially from the world of gaming, Rohlfs explores the ever increasing impact of our idealised virtual selves existing online; feminine high gloss cosmetics are evident across the wide eyes gaze of the hyper-beautiful women portrayed. 
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