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Having joined the stable of artists at Gallery Rouge in 2019, Sleek is a street artist with an art degree to match. Deliberately enigmatic, not much is divulged about Sleek. Hailing from Scotland he has burst onto the contemporary art scene with a guise of anonymity and a vibrant style.

Sleek was a lead illustrator for DC Thomson comics and is in part responsible for the creation of the Scottish iconic character Our Wullie (his equivalent in England being Beano).

His work delivers in bringing street art indoors and, leveraging well-loved characters, makes urban art installations that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home or workspace.

Sleek creates dramatic backgrounds full of energy and dimension through numerous layers of graffiti tagging, painted directly onto reconstituted wood. The edges are distressed and torn to appear as though the art has been ripped straight from the wall it was graffitied on. To finish these fantastic pieces, we've mounted each in a matt black frame "floating" an inch from the back board, giving each piece room to breathe and showcasing that unique Sleek edge.

Want to be kept up to date with Sleek’s latest releases? Maybe you’re keen to see your favourite character embodied in his urban style? Drop us an email at info@galleryrouge or enquire today.

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