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Simon Wright, the brilliant British artist, entered this world in the heart of Yorkshire back in 1974. His journey as a passionate creator has been a lifelong odyssey. Simon embarked on his artistic voyage by pursuing a degree in illustration, a path that allowed him to not only channel his artistic zeal but also make a living from his inherent talent.

While he found satisfaction in his role as a professional illustrator, Simon yearned for a more liberated and spontaneous style of artistic expression. The meticulously controlled strokes of traditional painting didn't quite satiate his creative thirst. Thus, he set out to cultivate a distinctly freer and more spontaneous approach.

Drawing inspiration from the 20th-century impressionists who harnessed the power of colour to shape their art, Simon embarked on a novel exploration of renowned urban landscapes. Free from technical constraints, he embarked on a journey to recreate iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Westminster in an entirely new light. With just a handful of tones at his disposal, Simon would conjure entire impressionistic scenes by layering shadows with colour. Then, he would add the finishing touches by "dribbling" on the thick, textural structure of the painting. This unique process sparked a captivating battle between the layered shadows and the raised structural lines, vying for dominance on the canvas.

In Simon's own words, "With a focal point like the Eiffel Tower or Westminster, my aim is to provide viewers with an immediate sense of their location in the world. However, I don't want that to overshadow the essence of the piece itself. I want the painting to speak for itself, conveying the very essence and emotion of the city to those who gaze upon it."

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