Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protecting The Artists

Copyright for the images shown on our website remains with the Artist, Publisher or Owner of the Original picture and further distribution of the images in whatever format may be the subject of Legal proceedings.

No reproduction of any image may be undertaken without the express agreement of the Artist and Gallery Rouge.

It is important to note that, even when an original has been purchased, reproduction and distribution of any prints from that piece is totally prohibited and will result in legal proceedings if found to be the case.

Protecting You

Data Protection

Gallery Rouge takes the security of your personal and financial information very seriously, and we will always treat it with the utmost of respect. Any information you provide will be stored and processed in compliance with the UK 1998 Data Protection Act, and the 2018 EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) and any other relevant legislation which becomes applicable.

We shall not pass on your personal information to any third party organisation unless legally demanded to do so by a warranted entity or body.

In order to fulfill your order, we will typically need to collect the following information;

- Name

- Phone Number

- Email Address

- Home Billing Address/ Delivery Address

- Payment details (normally debit or credit card details)

This (and any other information you are willing to give us) is then retained to create all documentation to confirm your purchase, including your invoice and the Certificate of Valuation for your purchase. We store this information in electronic format only in a secure and protected environment via password protected computers. To further protect our clients, no personal data is held on physical computers within any gallery location, and are routinely held in a secure cloud computing hosted environment within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Information is retained only for so long as is required; sometimes clients may require information on artwork they have previously acquired from us, where our records are invaluable where physical hardcopy invoices or Certificates of Valuation have been lost. Therefore, whilst an individual may not wish to receive further marketing emails, we will retain their information on previous purchases. If at any time you wish to have ALL data pertaining to yourself removed from our systems, we shall act accordingly. In such circumstances, only written correspondence requesting complete deletion shall be actioned against.

In gallery, you may have completed a 'Join our Mailing List' card. This information will be input onto the same secure Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform as with client data, and the card will be promptly destroyed by shredding.

Where payment is taken in gallery, you will be provided with your 'Customer Copy' of your payment receipt, and a 'Merchant Copy' will be retained by the gallery. These are never associated with any information by which the identity of an individual could be ascertained (name, address or telephone numbers). These receipts are routinely and periodically removed from the gallery premises to be stored in a secure offsite location for a period of seven years (in accordance with UK Goverment and HMRC accounting requirements).

CCTV data is held by our alarm and security partners Amthal Security on a password protected DVR platform. Their privacy policy can be found at