Nigel Cooke Exhibition Reflections

29 March 2017

Nigel Cooke Exhibition


A trail-blazer in expressive technique, the ambition of Nigel Cooke to capture the atmosphere of our favourite cities would be challenging to match. In March 2017 Nigel presented a definitive collection for Gallery Rouge; firmly recognisable as his quirky style with a flow of precisely dripped paint trailed across the board but with an experimental mix of brilliantly innovative colour palettes that have never-before graced his paintings. Swarms of discerning collectors descended on the Harpenden Gallery, keen to secure a distinctive piece from this prominently more mature collection.



Attendees were swept into new artwork territory as they were guided around the Gallery pausing (not-so-briefly) in front of each painting to admire the intricacies of the seemingly naive shapes that transform into living city scenes.


Imagine the pure delight of spectators that crowded round to catch a glimpse of Nigel at work. Mesmerised, not a sound could be heard as we stood like human statues watching Nigel dance around the painting. Stroke after stroke, drip after drip a country scene came into view until suddenly, there it was, a carefree farmer and his dog riding through the fields on a tractor! Gasps of amused delight echoed around the Gallery. In his own gentle way, Nigel demanded admiration of all in the room.


Gallery Rouge are proud to have, amongst our rare offerings, a large selection of tantalising Nigel Cooke cityscapes, plus the wonderful relationship with Nigel that ensures we are able to secure brilliant commissions of places that are close to the hearts of our clients. If you wish to discuss this further, please email us at or call us on 01582 760332.




Still bubbling from the excitement of this wonderful exhibition, we look forward to our next in the Harpenden Gallery on the 3rd June with the beautifully effervescent Rozanne Bell. For more information please contact us using the email and phone number above.

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