Love Art Competition Winner Announced!

11 March 2015

Gallery Rouge is delighted to announce the winning photograph from the #LoveGalleryRouge competition

We are thrilled to congratulate Mrs E. Clark for her fantastic entry into the #LoveGalleryRouge competition which took place last month as part of the celebration Love Art at Gallery Rouge.

All members of the Gallery Rouge team voted and loved the co-ordination of soft furnishing alongside the her David Renshaw painting, which really personalised and maximised the cosy and warm atmosphere of her living room, not to mention the feline friend!  It provoked a fantastic reaction on social media with many collectors of Renshaw's working commenting on it's fine display.

As the winner Mrs E. Clark receives the £100 Gift Voucher with our compliments and thanks for her wonderful picture.

The Love Art celebration was envisaged to help remind our clients recent and historic, of just how great the impact a quality artwork can make in your home transforming it to project your passions and aspirations.  We'd like to take the opportunity to thank all entrants to the #LoveGalleryRouge competition - there were so many great images to select from, and it was particuarly special and gratifying for the team to see how much our clients continue to enjoy their selections made at Gallery Rouge.