Fine Art Guild Awards 2014 – Winners Announced!

02 June 2014


We are delighted to congratulate Gallery Rouge represented artists Kerry Darlington and Antonio Russo for their dual success at the Fine Art Trade Guild Awards 2014. 

Darlington was acknowledged for the second time as best-selling Artist of The Year, reflecting the unique nature of her resin sealed fairy tales.  For the last decade Kerry has built a reputation for her original, decorative designs which became hugely popular, focusing primarily on trees as a symbolic motif as well as nature at large, explaining, "For the Tree of Life Collection, I wanted to create a sophisticated theme and so I decided to explore the idea of precious metals. The Tree of Life design is based on the piece by Gustav Klimt - The trees feel solid, powerful and strong and are full of noise and bright creatures."

'Tree of Life - Gold' by Kerry Darlington

In recent times her works have been translated from the relief resin originals into Unique Limited Editions, which are carefully composed to replicate her distinct aesthetic.  Speaking about the process, the artist has commented, "I have designed the raised elements to work as a separate dimension, to confuse the eye and create a flow through each piece. In the abstract work, the layering has been used to create cracks and ravines in the 'volcanic structure' of the work."

Early editions such as the 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' paid tribute to the infamous exchange between Alice and the Mad Hatter himself, on her quest to find the White Rabbit; their success is demonstrated by the exceptional values works are now exchanged for on the secondary market.  Indeed, recent edition 'Snow White and Rose Red' has sold out through pre-order alone entirely prior to a single piece being displayed in gallery; at the time of writing Gallery Rouge is privileged to have a number of this title remaining available for sale.  Collectors are encouraged therefore to make contact and register interest with a consultant in either the St. Albans and Harpenden gallery.

'Snow White and Rose Red' by Kerry Darlington

The emerging talent of abstract painter Antonio Russo was also recognised at the Awards Ceremony, winning the sought after title of Up and Coming Artist which has seen previous recipients go on to flourish in their creative endeavours.  As sponsor of the award, Craig Mumbray from established art supply producer Daler-Rowney was delighted to present Russo with the title.

Antonio Russo receives his Up and Coming Artist Award

Russo crafts his energetic and lively abstract paintings with specific musical harmonies and songs playing at volume – this infuses each work with a distinct aura and rhythm.  Remarkably the artist is colour blind and as such 'feels' the sound waves in colour; when asked by American publication 'The Artist Showcase Magazine' what he sees when he paints, the artist articulated, "Well not much really because when I put the music on, I'm off, just like a horse at the races, gone!  I'm blinded by music and to the place where it takes me, more than being blinded by colour. When I'm in the zone that's my heaven I am so into it I can't see anything, I only realize after the painting is finished what it looks like."

'Tempesta' by Antonio Russo

Russo has been making waves on both sides of the Atlantic in recent months, with appearances in New York feeding his inspiration, the artist's devotion to the energetic free flowing canvas works that have made his name is greater than ever.  Below is a short video documenting just one visit to the Big Apple.