Art Consultation

Many clients visit the gallery once work has been completed on their property. They may have renovated a house, had an extension built or redecorated their space. Encountered with a blank wall, many find it difficult to imagine and select artwork that may suit this newfound space.

Coupled with this dilemma is the challenge of making yourself conversant with the variety of artwork and styles out there, and the quality artists from whom to select. The choice can sometimes be bewildering, and can often create frustration and tension.

We are conscious that at this time what you most crave is impartial help in creating a shortlist of potential artists and paintings. To help you, Gallery Consultants are pleased to visit your home to view your intended locations for artwork, and provide guidance on work and styles that may be appropriate. Working collaboratively with you, the Consultant will make suggestions which may sometimes lead to specially commissioning an artist, or for the gallery to actively source and secure work to meet your criteria. Sometimes the gallery has suggested work that may not have been what you had considered, but which truly creates a stunning impact.

This is a complimentary gallery service, abiding by our ethos to ensure you only acquire paintings that will provide lasting pleasure, and demonstrates our desire to work within your best interests.

So if you've just finished building or redecorating, contact the gallery now to arrange a consulation....