Harry Bunce

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Harry is undoubtedly one of Gallery Rouge’s edgiest artists. We are excited to be able to offer our daring clients artwork that makes a brave statement…

Originally from Hampshire, Harry came to Bristol to study and has hung around Somerset ever since. He quotes Hockney, George Herriman and Beatrix Potter as influences, but their work never contained quite so much obvious menace. His work with screen printing gurus Screen One (Banksy, China Mike, Nick Walker, Sick Boy etc.), has been described variously as ''Bucolic Street Art'' and ''Beatrix Potter meets Tarantino'' - a reclusive country cousin of the Bristol art scene...? Not really - Harry is hard to pigeonhole, he lets his characters do the talking.

Harry Bunce's cast of cool, unknowable, vaguely sinister anthropomorphic animals rest deep in our consciousness at a time when only animals many of us see are urban foxes scrounging through bins. By reclaiming these icons and reinventing them, Harry's work breathes new life into old friends and makes us regard them with fresh eyes. Cute? Maybe, but they're rarely cuddly: he has badgers carrying shotguns, red-jacketed foxes, anarchist hares and squirrels touting what looks suspiciously like Walther PPKs.

Paintings for Sale By Harry Bunce