Hamish Herd

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Hamish, originally hailing from South Africa but now rooted in the heart of Yorkshire, has harboured a deep-seated passion for art ever since his earliest memories. He's actively participated in the creative realm throughout his life journey. Following his pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts degree, with Art History as his primary focus, Hamish embarked on his career as an art teacher in a secondary school. It wasn't long before he made the leap into the realm of full-time professional artistry, and even after a remarkable 25 years, his enthusiasm for crafting exceptional works of art remains undiminished.

In the realm of artistry, Hamish seamlessly navigates between the worlds of sculpture and painting. His wellspring of inspiration springs from his faith, infusing every creation with a profound personal connection. Each sculpture he sculpts and each stroke of paint he applies carries a piece of his soul. In his own words, "I truly believe that art possesses the power to communicate in ways that transcend ordinary expression, touching people's hearts in profound and unique ways."

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