Gift List Service

Gallery Rouge Provide Gift List Services for all occassions including;

Weddings                            Birthdays                       Anniversaries                        Christenings

You will undoubtedly have much to consider during your preparations for major events. Our aim at Gallery Rouge is to help release you of that pressure concerning the all important gift.

Traditionally, wedding gifts focused on providing the newly weds with what they would find useful in their new home. With more couples living together prior to marriage, many find they have most of what they require. What you really want is something special, which your guests will find easy to contribute towards.

For Birthdays and Anniversaries, friends are equally often stuck for ideas and invariably struggle for inspiration.

A painting serves as an ever-lasting, enduring memory of special occassions in your life. It is something that you can cherish for years to come.

Our aim is to make holding your gift list a simple process; from establishing the list, taking contributions on your behalf, keeping you updated on the fund total, and ultimately assisting you in choosing a perfect piece of artwork to celebrate your special day.

Naturally you will have additional questions, and we would be very pleased to sit down with you and provide you with more information. We want this to be a pleasurable experience that you immensely enjoy and collaborate on. Working with your schedule, we can meet in the gallery at a time that is convenient for you.

So avoid those well-meaning but inappropriate gifts; make your guests life easier, and get a present you'll really value!