Gallery Rouge Welcome Onboard Artist Mark Curryer

23 January 2018

'Into The Sunset' (more information)

Gallery Rouge are delighted to introduce Eastbourne based artist Mark Curryer to our portfolio of artists.

New to the galleries for 2018 is painter Mark Curryer, who we first had the pleasure of meeting personally at Manchester's 2017 Buy Art Fair. A quietly confident character, we were intrigued to see more from Mark, and decided to work with him on an initial collection of original works to offer our collectors.

Mark has a dedicated studio space at his home in Eastbourne, where he now paints full time. He paints using acrylics in his distinctive, bold style. His work is inspired by architecture and moody cityscapes, and he is fascinated by rainy nights and the way light plays in watery puddle reflections.


Mark Curryer

Mark's approach to depicting his subject, the moody cityscape, is a unique one. Interestingly his work is created with little, or no, brush work, and instead he chooses to use a multitude of items including rollers, scrapers and toothpicks to achieve the textures and detail in his work.

Although at first glance his paintings appear impressionistic, on closer inspection it can be seen that he enjoys including small areas of detail, which interestingly link the eye to the setting of the paintings. His large scale works are brilliantly bold and dramatic. Each piece individually invites it's audience to come closer, drawing you in to it's texture, perespective and detail. The bold, impactful nature of the work simultaneously provokes you to once again step back from it, and reflect on the city space it portrays as a whole.


'Off The Grid'

For more information on this piece, see here




Gallery Rouge Norwich have the pleasure of displaying Mark's debut collection, which includes a specially commissioned original painting of Norwich cathedral! We're absolutely delighted to represent this fantastic, talented new artist, and offer you the opportunity to acquire his work.


Gallery Rouge Norwich - Mark Curryer 2018


To see Mark's current collection, click here:


To keep up to date with new works coming in from Mark, or to enquire about an exisiting piece please get in touch with your closest gallery here.