Galina Shamaeva

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Galina Shamaeva's abstract and expressionist paintings tend to have a striking, mesmerising effect. Working with mixed media on canvas, this emerging contemporary artist has developed a distinctive aesthetic characterised by intricate details, vibrant colours and depth-inducing layers of organic forms. Her paintings appear to be imbued with life and intrigue in their ability to exude degrees of vivacity and meaning even as their polished gloss, akin to the gentle spread of water, hint ceaselessly of life within. Her evocative and abstract style, arousing curiosity and inviting introspection, make for art that can capture interest, focus attention and set the right tone for any space.

Galina's paintings are self-proclaimed expressions of how she perceives the visible and invisible in nature alongside the continuous flow of energies and vibes often described as the esoteric. Her subject matter is often personal, expressing thoughts and emotions, the power of the subconscious and the spiritual dimension of existence. This artist's paintings possess the intrigue of the mysterious, the appeal of the intimate and the comforting allure of the organic.

Though new to the art scene, Galina Shamaeva's admirers are steadily growing. She has successfully exhibited her paintings at avant garde galleries in London and has sold her most popular pieces to private art collectors in Mykonos, Ibiza, California and South Africa. Galina is also collaborating with luxury interior designers on new art and home decor collections.