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Darren Baker Presents 'Money Sex Power' at Gallery Rouge Harpenden, November 21st 2014

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Official Press Release

Artist of calibre, precision and technical excellence, Darren Baker will be at Gallery Rouge Harpenden on Friday 21st November 7-9pm to celebrate the launch of a magnificent new collection of original paintings. The 'Money, Sex, Power' collection has been over a year in the making and will feature a series of drawings and paintings exploring these core forces by portraying two models and Darren himself in a corridor of images.The artist's muses are portrayed in a series of poses conveying their personality and individuality. The narrative of the artist as director, and models as subjects, is followed throughout the series leading to the climax of the final masterpiece portraying the artist and models together (pictured below). The sequence of artworks is a commentary on the 3 motivating forces in society and the viewer/subject dynamic. It also references various themes from the history of western art.The ‘Money, Sex, Power’ collection of original works  will visit Gallery Rouge this autumn and will be complemented by a new series of limited edition prints featuring new additions to the still life, classical figurative, equine and cityscape genres. The awesome set of new limited editions have been released in numbers as small as 200 and are available from just £295.The exhibition represents an opportunity to meet one of the UK’s most celebrated talents. Darren is happy to pose for photographs or personalise your artwork.   The fine art paintings of Darren Baker are anticipated to rise in value in the coming years; his name will never be forgotten and he will go down in history as one of the world’s greatest realism artists. A shrewd choice for any art collector as original artwork may be acquired from as little as £2,500.The full collection of limited edition pieces are available to view now on our website www.galleryrouge.co.uk.If you have an interest in acquiring an original drawing or pastel painting from Darren Baker please contact us directly on 01582 760332 or harpenden@galleryrouge.co.uk. 

A World of Possibility | Autumn's Best Urban Landscapes Showcased

Brighten your home in an instant by taking inspiration from a rising generation of artists celebrating the urban landscape. 

EWaite_IconsEDWARD WAITERising star and committed adventurer Ed Waite creates crisp yet graffiti-esque compositions highlighting the iconic architecture of the world’s greatest cities. The artist applies the paint direct from tube to canvas using his signature ‘drizzle’ technique; inspired by the classic American style ketchup bottles on a trip to New York, Waite infuses every canvas with energy and vitality.Throughout the month of October, Gallery Rouge will be offering a free edition of the artist’s stunning book “A Time to Waite” worth £30 with every original painting by Ed Waite purchased.  NCooke_Cafe Rouge ParisNIGEL COOKEYorkshire born artist Nigel Cooke is known for his highly contrasted monochromatic city scenes. Immediately recognisable, the style alludes to Cooke’s early artistic training as a caricaturist; both fast paced and dynamic.  This ability to observe character and translate personality has become an intrinsic part of the way the artist works, easily and effectively portraying the lazy sun baked gondolas in Venice, to the speed of urban life in the Big Apple.An extensive outstanding collection of original acrylic works from the artist are on display in the St. Albans gallery this October.  Prices from £650.Rayford_London SuperStarsRAYFORDWith a refreshing whimsical and quirky perspective, Rayford injects the fun factor into his pieces. The artist indulges his imagination, creating a cast of characters from familiar buildings both old and new; by excluding people from his paintings, they are brought to life by the personality and charisma inherent within our everyday surroundings.New limited edition ‘London Superstars’ is arriving at Gallery Rouge shortly. Featuring 3-D raised elements and a high gloss resin finish the piece is set to be a must-have for collectors. £480 including frame.Flatiron Junction lowRACHEL TIGHEConfident with explosions of colour, each powerful composition created by emerging artist Rachel Tighe takes in the chaos of the city; landmarks and architecture are concentrated and stripped back to their most minimal form.  Tighe highlights the pace of the fleeting occupants of every street, enforcing the buzz with her unique take on un-done structure.A series of 'mini' paintings are a welcome addition for those with space constraints and looking to make a powerful impact.  In the St. Albans gallery now, priced from £200.

Penny Warden Returns to Gallery Rouge with Sensational New Equine Painting Collection

PWarden_Gala PWarden_After the RainGallery Rouge pleased to announce the return of the spontaneous and energetic paintings of distinguished artist, Penny Warden. The artist holds degrees in both Theology and Fine Art and these periods of study inform and guide her practice. After becoming a professional artist full time in 2001, Penny gained national attention for her experimental approach, working in partnership with oil paint to forge a new vibrant image out of a familiar well-known form. Presenting a new collection of spiritual equine paintings, horses are Warden's newest muse.Contact Gallery Rouge via info@galleryrouge.co.uk to learn more about these expectional original paintings.

David Renshaw Exhibition in Pictures 20.09.2014

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David Renshaw | A Southern Romance | Hand Finished Limited Edition Unveiled!

David Renshaw Completed LEGallery Rouge is proud to unveil the exclusive Limited Edition an first ever Southern Romance created by leading British talent David Renshaw.   Hand finished, the symbolic heart motif will be be personally painted by the artist in different locations on each and every edition, making every one of the 25 pieces created utterly unique.  We are now accepting pre-orders on this fabulous image, and so encourage urgent action to avoid disappointment. Contact us at Gallery Rouge Harpenden on 01582 760332 to secure yours now!

David Renshaw **Exclusive Film** | For the first time ever the artist opens his studio to Gallery Rouge!

Renshaw Film Screen Shot

Click the image above to watch the Film in full!

**EXCLUSIVE** Interview with David Renshaw ahead of solo exhibtion at Gallery Rouge Harpenden

David Renshaw Studio IV

David Renshaw is returning to Gallery Rouge Harpenden for his only exhibition in the country this year. Gallerist Katia Hickmer catches up with the artist ahead of the unveiling on September 20.

Type 'landscape artists' into Google and you'll be immediately presented with the masterpieces created by a multitude of enduring names in art history; Monet, Constable, Turner.  There is a great weight when entering this field yet David Renshaw established a confident, accomplished and fresh perspective when he entered the profession almost a decade ago.   As a self-taught artist, he admits that it was daunting to enter into such an esteemed genre. It didn't show.

Four years have passed since I first met Renshaw as he attended his inaugural solo exhibition at Gallery Rouge. A promising emerging painter, the event showcased his remarkable talent and compelled a national audience to sit up and pay attention.  The man himself left a lasting impression on those who met him that day; a soft accent betrayed his northern roots and a friendly demeanour disarmed those who might suspect an artist of displaying stereotypical 'diva-ish' tendencies.  After the melee had subsided, paintings grasped tightly in the arms of collectors returning home, Renshaw reflected on the contrast of his day to day life to his first experience in exhibition.  "I'm really very traditional", he confessed, "I'm a painter…that's what I do".

David Renshaw Studio III

Often a solitary existence with long hours of dedicated silence (though audio books keep him company), Renshaw illustrated his point by recalling the masters of old who painted in winter by candlelight, crouched over their boards. Since then, I have held an image of the artist conjuring his exquisite vistas in near darkness, waiting to be delivered to the bright lights and white walls of the gallery space in the 21st Century.

When I arrive at Renshaw's studio in Southport to discuss his forthcoming exhibition 'The Sky is Not the Limit', I am greeted with a smile and very large windows capturing the full, intense glare of the late July sun.  Naturally, there isn't a candle in sight - health and safety regulations see to that – and I am left with the understanding that the artist reveres the dedication and commitment of the painters through the ages, to keep painting even when their eyes fail and their backs ache. Indeed adorning the walls is the tweaked war time adage, 'Keep Calm and Paint On.' The unintentional reference to history elegantly summarises Renshaw's approach to his work; traditional, honest, authentic values crafted into a captivating, contemporary blend of colour and story.

David Renshaw Studio II

Today Renshaw has quite a different problem than candlelight versus electricity on hishands with the blistering heat warming the studio to temperatures well above comfort.  The artist however is in good spirits; he moved into the space only 18 months ago and is still luxuriating in it.  Boards are leant carefully against the wall and on work benches in various stages of undress; primed, under-painted and partially detailed. The artist demonstrates that he paints in oils from back to front, mixing just seven colours primarily to start with the skies – the foundation of every completed work.  It is this heavenly aspect of his work to which the exhibition owes its name.

David Renshaw Studio I

The flurry of activity is in aid of the approaching exhibition date; Saturday 20th September will celebrate the culmination of months of preparation and perseverance to assemble a collection of original paintings which will expose the breadth of Renshaw's themes.  As the only dedicated show of his work in the country this year, the artist has chosen this event to reveal a new chapter in the story dedicated to Doris and Ted, the protagonists of the Northern Romance series which have captivated an ever-growing audience.

The decision echoes his debut exposition at the Hertfordshire based gallery in 2010, during which collectors first caught sight of the star crossed lovers.  Little did Renshaw expect the overwhelming reaction to these five paintings, inspired by his desire to introduce emotional narratives to his work.  The catalyst was his family, three generations of romantic and parental love stories. The unconditional commitment of Renshaw's grandmother Peggy to her husband Lawrence even after his premature passing in his early forties left a lasting impression on the artist as a youth.

"I wanted to represent the idea of real romance and genuine love", though the artist is keen to make clear that there is a reality to his positive message.  Dark skies, precarious cliffs or crashing waves feature to temper the sentiment and prevent the series from representing the unattainable.

Renshaw's eyes light up as soon as he mentions his wife Claire, whom he has been with since the tender age of 16.  In a relationship of twenty four years, married for twenty one, the pair had children young.  Daughter Alison has recently turned 22, with son Max just 18.  Max makes an appearance whilst I am there and it is clear that immediately Renshaw has taken his artist hat off and put his father hat on.  The two talk about directions to an unknown destination, before Max makes a hasty exit fearing he is late. Renshaw checks his phone periodically thereafter, pausing between brushstrokes.

The family frequently travel together, with Renshaw plotting how to softly negotiate his agenda to scale mountains, visit lakesides and rise at dawn in the name of inspiring his art.  His landscapes subtly question the viewer; is the patch of sunlight streaming through the clouds the storm passing to leave a perfect twilight or is it the last glow before the squall?

Collectors have been charmed, dazzled and genuinely moved by the original paintings he produces. Renshaw admits, "I'm conscious I've been asked to do limited editions as well and though I'm not interested in producing prints I want to give collectors the opportunity to acquire something a little bit different." I learn that a single limited edition work will be exclusively available at the exhibition, and a 'Southern Romance' may be on the horizon.

Having worked as a professional artist for a decade and recently celebrating his fortieth birthday last November, I ask him about his ambitions; what would he like to achieve next? He smiles at me conspiratorially and replies, "the sky is not the limit'.

Kerry Darlington - 'Rapunzel' in Progress Revealed

KD_Rapunzel in ProgressKD_Rapunzel in Progress IIKD_Rapunzel in Progress III

David Renshaw Exhibition Announced! Personal Attendance at Gallery Rouge Harpenden on Saturday 20th September

David Renshaw_Whats On Ad Version II compressedWe are proud and delighted to announce the return of leading British oil painter DAVID RENSHAW to Gallery Rouge for his only attendance in England in 2014.  Taking place between 4-7pm on Saturday 20th September 2014, the Harpenden space will play host to a dedicated presentation of Renshaw's original works. First known for his intricate and joyous depictions of the natural landscape, this Southport born and based artist has achieved international presence with his 'Northern Romance' series of original artworks. Having supported the artist since the inception of his artistic career, Gallery Rouge is privileged to have held the very first solo exhibition of Renshaw's work in 2010 and to have unveiled the debut paintings from this now internationally collected portfolio featuring beloved characters Doris and Ted.    Still featuring his trademark skies, the collection has allowed the artist to explore the joys of courtship, romance and falling in love through his affectionate companions.  David has been progressing his ideas at an extraordinary rate and has created a vast world in which his characters live.  Originally based on antique photographs of Whitby, David's mind has travelled to the tops of mountains and the edge of the oceans through deep snow and breathless evenings to bring us one of the greatest love stories the art world has ever seen.We are excited to reveal that a number of very special large original works will be commissioned especially for the exhibition, alongside some new pieces from a never-before-seen series.  The exhibition will also provide the opportunity for collectors to secure a rare hand-finished limited edition from the artist, exclusively available at Gallery Rouge.   Further information will be announced in the coming months – register your details with harpenden@galleryrouge.co.uk to be the very first to hear the latest news!