Exciting new artist - Chris Rivers

Explore the magical, fantastical world of Chris Rivers...

Kathryn Callaghan - Poured Paintings

Learn more about artist Kathryn Callaghan's unqiue creative process, which result in stunning, textural wildlife paintings.

Gallery Rouge Norwich

Gallery Rouge Norwich
Gallery Rouge is proud to present our brand new gallery in the heart of Norwich! Read on to discover how this beautiful space came into being.

Ben Jeffery Exhibition Highlights

Highlights from our first ever exhibition with the fantastic Ben Jeffery at our St Albans Gallery in July of 2017!

Edward Waite Neutrals Collection

New collection from artist Edward Waite

Artist Feature - Rayford

Artist Feature - Rayford

Rayford gives us an interview in his home studio in York to let us get a feel for his new style of work and gives us a live demonstration.

Artist Feature: Rob Bishop

An insight into the creations of Mixed Media artist, Rob Bishop!

An Interview with Artist Harry Bunce

Enjoy a deeper insight into the work and character of artist Harry Bunce!

Interview with Rozanne Marshall-Bell

Our pre-exhibition interview with Rozanne revealed an avalanche of amusing facts about her!  Enter her wonderfully colourful mind and read full details here...

Nigel Cooke Exhibition Reflections

A trail-blazer in expressive technique, the ambition of Nigel Cooke to capture the atmosphere of our favourite cities would be challenging to match. In March 2017 Nigel presented a definitive collection for Gallery Rouge; firmly recognisable as his quirky style with a flow of precisely dripped paint trailed across the board but with an experimental mix of brilliantly innovative colour palettes that have never-before graced his paintings. Swarms of discerning collectors descended on the Harpenden Gallery, keen to secure a distinctive piece from this prominently more mature collection.